What is Upfitting?

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What is Upfitting and is it right for my vehicle?

Upfitting your vehicle basically means that you are customizing your car or truck by adding components or features to “trick your tuck” or “cool your ride”. There are auto service centers that specialize in tailoring your vehicle exactly to your liking.  Upfitting allows you to customize bumpers and grills, truck beds, running boards, lighting and more. Interior accessories include seat covers, floor mats, laser cut liners, storage solutions, lighting  and so much more. It is a fun way to truly make your car or truck your own.

Before upfitting, you’ll want to consider a couple of things. It can be overwhelming because you have an almost infinite number of customizations and combinations to choose from. It’s important to know think about what you want BEFORE looking for an upfit options. Think about your personal style, your vehicle style, your driving lifestyle, and most importantly your budget.

Next? Research! Finding an upfitter that has a good reputations, backs their work, provides reference, and most importantly listens to your needs and takes the time to ask YOU the question that are important to determine your preferences and expectations.

The experts at Trick Trucks is a great place to start. They are centrally located in Millsboro and can be reached at (302) 663-7757.