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A Lift Kit: The Perfect Gift for Your Off Roader

The biggest gift-giving holiday of the year is almost here. So, your off-roader is wishing and hoping for that special gift. And, you know exactly what he wants: A Lift Kit. Because, it will go perfectly on the first off-road truck that he bought earlier in the year. And, since then, he’s spent most of the time on Drivingline.com and driving his truck to get experience at handling on unfamiliar terrain. Plus, he’s gotten to know other trail blazers in the off-road community. So, now you feel as if he’s ready to start tricking out his truck.

How to Customize Your Off-Road Truck with a Lift Kit

First, it is time for some research. Because the best lift kit depends on what you will use your vehicle for, what kind of truck you have, and your budget.

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The place to start is knowing your options: Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift

What is a body lift

A body lift widens the distance between the body and chassis. It does that by adding spacers. So the driver will be higher but the clearance between the truck and ground will remain the same. Therefore, if you are generally sticking to paved roads, then the body lift may be for you. Because it provides a better ride and better handling.

What is a suspension lift 

A suspension lift, dieseldoctor.ca says, raises the frame and body of the vehicle. It does so by extending or replacing the original suspension system. But, this option requires professional help to install. And, it can include new shocks, lift blocks, and shackles. Therefore, if you primarily use the vehicle as an off-road truck, it is probably a good candidate for a suspension lift. Because, the suspension system adds more ground coverage and larger wheels.

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You get peace of mind with Trick Trucks because all our technicians are ASE Certified

Trick Trucks is the place to go for top of the line aftermarket customizations and ASE mechanics for the smoothest aftermarket installation available. Trick Trucks installed parts and labor come with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Trick Trucks of Millsboro is part of Trick Trucks & Cars franchise and the In & Out Tire Pros family, a locally-owned and operated auto service center. You get peace of mind knowing every accessories installation is done by ASE-trained technicians.

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