What is a Lowering Kit and What is the Best one for Me?

Lowering Kits Rule.

Lowering kits are vehicle springs designed to replace OEM coil springs with springs designed lower a car or truck’s front or rear stance of the vehicle. Lowering kits will help improve your vehicle’s handling, for sure. But, they will also make your car or truck look ultra cool. There are numerous kits to choose from, so let determine which is the best lowering kit for you. We’ve asked the experts at Millsboro’s Trick Trucks to offer a few step to determine how to best choose a lower kit.

Step One: Determine what you are actually going for: looks or performance. Kits lower your truck’s center of gravity, allowing you to keep flat in the curves. Performance lowering kit stiffens up your shocks and coils, ensuring that when you do throw the truck into a corner it stays flat and secure.   Using stock coils and shocks instead of performance kits, moves your car or truck closer to the ground, but does little for actual performance.

Step Two: Determine what wheels you will be using. You will need to think about what wheel and tire size you’re using. Wheels make a huge difference in how your truck sits once it’s lowered. Don’t lower your vehicle, only to find that your wheels don’t fit or look rediculous in combination with your lowering efforts.

Step Three: Determine your budget. You have a choice between a lot of different kits and a lot of different dealers. What you might not have a choice on is your budget. Think about how much you want (or can) spend on your vehicle’s lowering upgrade before looking at what kit you want to go with.

Step Four: Research installers reputation. An investment in your ride deserves the proper attention to detail. This includes paying as much attention to the installer you choose as you pay to the kit you choose. Ask about warranties, get a written estimate, and ask as many questions you need to to feel comfortable. Also, (and importantly) ask for references, then follow up by actually calling and speaking with them.

If you have additional concerns or questions regarding lowering kits, the experts at Tricks Truck are happy to talk you through the process. Call: (302) 663-7757 .

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