What are the Pros and cons of Lowering Suspension

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Installing a Lowering Kit.

Lowering your ride so that it is closer to the ground is a cool way to customize your vehicle. Getting it done right is important if you want to improve your car or truck’s performance and handling as well as improving it’s looks. These are both pros and cons to making this move. The experts at Tricks Truck in Millsboro offer up a few things to consider when making this important decision.


That Thrilling Road Feel
A lowering kit allows you to be highly attuned to how you car or truck not only acts on different pavement, but how it feels as it travels over imperfections in the road surface as it comes through the steering wheel.

A Firm, Stiff Ride
More rigid springs keep the front and/or back of your vehicle from bottoming out when you cruise over bumps and depressions in the road.

Cleaner Leans when Taking Corners
Taking sharp turns offer cleaner leans because the lower center of gravity reduces the shift of weight.  This also allows for a more responsive turn and cleaner handling.

Cleaner Handling with Less Rollover Risk
Improved responsiveness, more stability, and grip at speed is another advantage of being closer to the ground. This also reduces your risk of rolling over when taking tight curves.

More Aerodynamic
Less air drag is another advantage of lowering kits, making your vehicle more streamline and therefore faster and improve gas mileage.

Looks Great
What to grab someone’s attention? Lowering kits, not only improves performance, but also lets you stand out in the crowd.


Comfort Level
Accustomed to a softer, quiet ride?  If that’s your jam, you might not appreciate the raw energy you get from a lower kit installation. The low ride may not be for friend on rocky, bumpy, potholed roads.

Tire Wear and Tear
This is only a problem if you install a lowering kit without first considering what kind of tire/wheels you need to accommodate them properly, or hire a installer who isn’t familiar with aligning your tires properly. This is why researching tires, wheels, and upfitters who can advise you on your options.

Jack Requirements
Flat tire? You’ll need as specialized jack to change your tire. Only a con, if you aren’t prepared with the right tools when you need them. Another reason why securing an upfitter who is an expert in lowering kit and will inform you of all the details in having your vehicle customized.

Quality is key. You NEVER want to skip on quality when it comes to your ride. This, of course, can get pricy. Maintaining your ride when you have a lowering customization is move involved, as well. This all keeps you safe on the road, and is something you won’t want to skimp on.

Talk with the experts before making a decision. Find an upfitter you trust and ask questions. Ask for references. Call these references and ask even more questions. Being informed ALWAYS works to your advantage. Trick Trucks in Millsboro is a great place to start your research if you are considering a lowering kit (or any vehicle customization, for that matter). You can call: (302) 663-7757.

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