The Best Smart Storage Upfitting for Your Pick-up Truck

Upfitting Your Pickup Truck with Smart Storage Customization

Spring has sprung. And outdoor enthusiasts are anxious to brush off their pick-up trucks from the winter and head off-roading. Of course, part of that is having a customize vehicle to meet your needs. And the best part about owning a pickup truck is its versatility. Because, you don’t have to be just an outdoor enthusiast; a contractor, or someone who just loves the rugged capability of a truck, know that having the right storage solutions can make a world of difference. So, in this blog the experts at Trick Trucks review how you can upfit your pickup truck with smart storage customization to make the most out of every inch of space.

Assess Your Needs

Before diving into specific products and solutions, take some time to evaluate your needs:

  • What do you typically transport? Are you carrying tools, sports equipment, camping gear, or groceries?
  • How often do you need to access your cargo? Do you need quick access or long-term storage?
  • What is your budget? Custom storage solutions can range from budget-friendly to high-end.

Now that we know what are needs involve, let’s look at some smart storage options

1. Bed Storage Systems

One of the most popular upgrades for pickup trucks is a bed storage system. Because, these systems provide organized, secure storage while still allowing you to use the truck bed for larger items.

a. Drawer Systems Drawer systems are perfect for keeping tools and smaller items organized. And these systems fit directly into the bed of your truck. Plus, they come with lockable drawers that slide out for easy access. Moreover, they’re weatherproof and can support heavy loads on top, meaning you don’t lose bed space.

b. Bed Extenders and Dividers Bed extenders and dividers help keep your cargo secure and prevent it from shifting during transport. And, they can be adjusted to fit the size of your load and are perfect for both small and large items.

2. Under-seat Storage

The space under your rear seats is often underutilized. But, custom under-seat storage solutions provide hidden compartments for tools, emergency gear, or personal items. And, there are numerous brands that offer options that fit snugly under the seats, maximizing space without sacrificing comfort.

3. Tailgate Solutions

Tailgates are often overlooked as potential storage solutions. So, here are a few innovative ideas:

  • Tailgate Assist: This helps in the smooth opening and closing of the tailgate, making it easier to manage.
  • Tailgate Table: Perfect for tailgating parties or outdoor workspaces, a fold-out table can be installed on the inside of the tailgate.
  • Integrated Storage: Some aftermarket tailgates come with built-in storage compartments, ideal for smaller tools and gear.

4. Toolboxes and Bed Caps

For those who need serious storage, a toolbox or bed cap might be the way to go.

a. Toolboxes: Available in various sizes and configurations, toolboxes can be mounted behind the cab or along the sides of the bed. And they provide secure, lockable storage for tools and equipment, keeping them safe from the elements and theft.

b. Bed Caps: Bed caps, or camper shells, offer full coverage for your truck bed, turning it into a secure, weatherproof storage area. And these are ideal for those who need to transport valuable or sensitive equipment.

5. Racks and Carriers

If you transport oversized items like kayaks, bikes, or ladders, a rack system is essential. And there are various options, including:

  • Overhead Racks: These provide a high level of storage capacity and can be used to carry long items.
  • Bed Racks: Installed on the sides of the bed, they offer a lower profile option for carrying gear.
  • Bike and Kayak Carriers: Specialized racks for specific items ensure they are transported safely and securely.

6. Modular Storage Bins and Bags

For a more flexible storage solution, consider modular storage bins and bags. Because, these can be moved around and reconfigured as needed. And there are several brands that offer durable, weather-resistant options perfect for organizing smaller items.

7. Tech Integration

Smart storage isn’t just about physical space – integrating technology can make a huge difference:

  • GPS Trackers: Keep tabs on valuable equipment with GPS trackers.
  • Remote Locking Systems: Control your storage compartments remotely for added security.
  • Lighting Solutions: LED lights can be installed inside storage compartments to make it easier to find items in the dark.

There are as many storage options as you have stuff to store. Let Trick Trucks help you pick out the right upfitting your lifestyle.

Customizing your pickup truck with smart storage solutions enhances its function and let’s you make the most out of your vehicle. So, let Trick Trucks in Millsboro help you carefully assess your needs and select the right products for you. And then transform your truck into a highly efficient and organized tool, ready for any adventure or job that comes your way.

Trick Trucks on Betts Pond road is the place to go for top of the line aftermarket customization with the smoothest solutions available. Plus, Trick Trucks installed parts and labor come with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

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