Should I Cover My Truck with a Cap?

Exploring if ARE Caps are right for Your Truck

The experts at Trick Trucks in Millsboro on Betts Pond Road explore the world of ARE caps, examining their features, benefits, and how they can enhance your vehicle’s functionality and style.

First things first: What are ARE Caps?

ARE (pronounced like “R”) caps are premium fiberglass or aluminum truck caps that fit snugly over the bed of your truck. These caps are sometimes referred to as toppers, shells, or camper shells. They are designed to enclose and protect the cargo area of your truck and come in a wide range of styles, colors, and configurations to suit different preferences and truck models.

Second: What are the Benefits of ARE Caps?

  1. Weather Protection: One of the most significant advantages of an ARE cap is the weather protection it provides. Whether you use your truck for work or play, an ARE cap keeps your cargo dry and protected from the elements, including rain, snow, and harsh sunlight.
  2. Security: Protecting your valuable cargo is crucial. ARE caps come with locking mechanisms that help secure your belongings, giving you peace of mind whether you’re carrying tools for work or gear for a weekend adventure.
  3. Increased Cargo Space: ARE caps provide additional storage space. This is especially beneficial if you have a smaller truck or if you need to transport oversized or delicate items, such as bikes, kayaks, or furniture.
  4. Improved Gas Mileage: Believe it or not, adding an ARE cap can improve your truck’s fuel efficiency by reducing drag. This is particularly useful for those long highway drives or when towing heavy loads.

Third: Flexibility is King!

ARE Caps offer you so many options. You are limited by only your imagination. Here are just a few:

  • Color Options: ARE caps come in a variety of colors, allowing you to match your cap to your truck’s paint for a seamless, cohesive look, elevating your truck’s overall appearance.
  • Windows and Vents: Choose the type of windows and vents you want on your cap. Options include sliding windows, fixed windows, or even frameless windows, providing the flexibility to create a cap that suits your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Roof Racks: Some ARE caps come with integrated roof racks, adding even more utility to your truck. These racks are perfect for carrying sports equipment, luggage, or construction materials.
  • Interior Options: ARE caps can be equipped with a variety of interior features, such as carpeting, lighting, and insulation, to make your truck’s cargo area more comfortable and user-friendly.

Fourth (and most importantly): Why Choose ARE Caps?

  • Quality Craftsmanship: ARE has a reputation for exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Their products are built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Warranty: ARE offers a limited lifetime warranty on many of their caps, giving you added peace of mind that your investment is protected.
  • Resale Value: Adding an ARE cap to your truck can enhance its resale value. Many buyers appreciate the added functionality and style that these caps bring to a truck.

In the world of truck accessories, ARE caps stand out as a top choice for those looking to enhance the functionality and style of their vehicles.

If you’re a truck owner looking to take your vehicle to the next level, check out the Trick Truck ARE Cap Builder and let your imagination fly.

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