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When your shocks make your truck a magic carpet.

When you first start dreaming of a trick truck, you likely want a vehicle that travels as smoothly as a magic carpet along the streets then lightly and speedily hops over all obstacles on rocky, undeveloped, mountainous terrain. The answer to a tough suspension system lies with macho shocks.

Your choice begins with a basic, twin-tube, says. But twin tube shocks are not the best for off-roading. They resist movement and resist heating and fading. They tend to have a regular body and short diameter.

The best off-the-rod, heavy-duty shocks are designed like a monotube that allows more volume and heat dispersal. They have nitrogen chambers, floating pistons and may be rebuildable.

Getting your money’s worth!

More expensive shocks are beneficial in that they allow “remote reservoirs for additional fluid capacity, and even compression adjustability that lets you fine tune the shock performance. In short, the more options you get with your shocks, the higher the price they’ll come with,” says.

Some more expensive shocks can be adjusted when they break down.

Other improvements, says, include shocks that are made in various sizes that will accommodate lifted, aftermarket suspensions. Not only that, they will fit 4X4s and other off-road trucks.

Is your head is spinning from the choices? Then, it’s time to consult the trick truck experts at Trick Trucks Millsboro.

If you’re new to the sport or you’re undecided, your best bet is to talk with an off-roading pro like those at Trick Trucks on Betts Pond Road in Millsboro. They have years of experience they are happy to share.

Trick Trucks prides itself on upfront and honest quotes, timely installations, and quality products and parts. With 15 bays equipped with lifts including two fully integrated alignment racks, Trick Trucks can accommodate all types of vehicles. They offer top of the line tire and wheel mounting and road force balancing. The mounting and balancing machines accommodate up to 30″ wheels and 40″ tires. Top of the line combination shop of aftermarket specialists and ASE mechanics allows for the smoothest aftermarket installation available. Trick Trucks installed parts and labor come with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

Trick Trucks of Millsboro is part of Trick Trucks & Cars franchise and the In & Out Tire Pros family, a locally-owned and operated auto service center. You get peace of mind knowing every accessories installation is done by ASE trained technicians.

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