Off Roading Wheels: Is Bigger Better?

The trophy truck experts at Trick Trucks Millsboro can help you decide if you want bigger wheels.

Once a truck owner has seen a tricked out or trophy truck, they often want one of their own. The reason for many is off-road adventuring. But, many can’t afford or don’t want to get a brand new vehicle so they do the next best thing- they create one of their own.

Step one is big wheels! Because one of the first things that should be considered before off-roading is clearance between the truck and the ground.

“One of the most important things to improve before taking your truck off-roading is ground clearance. This keeps your truck’s underbody—and all its mechanical components—from hitting big rocks and other obstacles,” says. “In addition, … adding ground clearance improves approach and departure angles, letting the truck crawl over more extreme terrain. Things like portal axles and lift kits can increase ground clearance, although some owners take lift kits too far. But one of the most popular ground clearance mods is fitting bigger wheels. Many off-road truck builds, both OEM and aftermarket, feature larger-than-standard wheel sizes. But unless you’re a serious overlander, you should consider the pros and cons before fitting a bigger truck wheel.”

Advantages to bigger wheels include an increase in ground clearance, the ability to fit larger tires, and improve braking distance. points out some downsides to bigger wheels: “a bigger wheel means the tire’s sidewalls have to get thinner, …. And these big wheels and thin tires mean your truck’s ride gets worse (and noisier). There’s less of an air cushion between you and the road. This also means your tires and wheels are easier to damage.

“This can be countered by increasing the tire’s sidewall, which is often the case for off-road tires. But that can cause more problems. For one, this can throw off your speedometer, odometer, and tire-pressure sensors unless you recalibrate them. Secondly, these bigger wheels and tires add weight. Not only does this lower fuel economy, … it puts extra strain on your suspension and brakes. Especially if you don’t take advantage of the extra room and fit larger rotors.”

What size wheels you get depends on you, your truck and what type of driving you plan.

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