The Best Way to Tell if Your Running Boards Need Replacing

Signs Your Truck’s Customized Running Boards Need Replacement

Of course we know that customized running boards are a valuable addition to any truck. Because they not only enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics, but they also provide practical benefits. And this includes easier access to the cabin and added protection against debris and road hazards. However, like any other component, running boards are subject to wear and tear over time. So knowing when it’s time to replace them is crucial. Because when your out off-roading this spring, you need to make sure your running boards are off-road ready. So, in this blog, the experts at Trick Trucks in Millsboro explore the signs that your truck’s customized running boards may need replacement.

Visible Damage

The most apparent sign that your running boards need replacement is visible damage. And this includes dents, cracks, or significant scratches on the surface. Because, over time, exposure to various elements such as gravel, rocks, and road debris can cause wear and tear, compromising the structural integrity of the running boards. Additionally, if the running boards are made of materials like aluminum or steel, they may be susceptible to corrosion. And this can lead to rust formation. So, inspect your running boards regularly for any signs of damage.

Loose or Wobbly

When properly installed, running boards should feel sturdy and secure. However, if your running boards feel loose or wobbly when you step on them, it’s an sign of underlying issues. Because, loose mounting hardware, worn-out brackets, or damaged attachment points can all contribute to instability. And ignoring this problem can not only compromise your safety but also lead to further damage to your truck’s body. So, if you experience any wobbling or instability, it’s essential to address the issue promptly at Trick Trucks on Betts Pond Road.

Squeaking or Rattling Noise

Unusual noises, such as squeaking or rattling, when you step on the running boards, could indicate potential problems. Because, these noises often occur when components within the running board assembly are loose or worn-out. And, over time, the constant vibration and movement while driving can cause bolts to loosen or brackets to degrade. So, if left unattended, these issues can worsen. And this can lead to more significant damage or cause the running boards to detach from the truck altogether.

Excessive Wear

Even the most durable running boards will show signs of wear over time. And this is especially true if they’re subjected to heavy use or harsh weather conditions. So, inspect the surface of your running boards for signs of excessive wear, such as worn-out grip pads or faded paint. Additionally, pay attention to any areas where the coating may have chipped off, exposing the underlying material to corrosion. And if you notice significant wear and tear, then consider replacing your running boards at Trick Trucks in Millsboro to prevent further deterioration.

Difficulty in Cleaning

Proper maintenance is essential to prolonging the lifespan of your running boards. However, if you find that your running boards are becoming increasingly challenging to clean, it could indicate underlying issues. Because, stubborn stains, accumulated dirt, or corrosion buildup can make cleaning more laborious and less effective. And while regular cleaning is essential for upkeep, persistent cleaning difficulties may suggest that it’s time to replace your running boards altogether, especially if the damage is beyond repair. And Trick Trucks offers the best deal on running boards and upfit customization.

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Upfitted running boards are not only functional but also add style to your truck. However, like any other vehicle component, they require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.  So remember, addressing issues early can help prevent further damage and ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience. And Trick Trucks is always at your service to help with all your truck or jeep’s upfitting needs. Because, Trick Trucks on Betts Pond road is the place to go for top of the line aftermarket customization with the smoothest solutions available. Plus, Trick Trucks installed parts and labor come with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

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