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One way to make your car or truck unique is to install a lift kit. They look cool and they’re practical.

You’ve taken the plunge and bought a truck. Now you’re looking for a way to make it look unique and reflect your personality. Also, you dream of driving on the beach and you don’t want to get stuck.

One way to accomplish all those goals is to lift the vehicle. Not only does it look cool, it provides more room for tires that are suited to driving on sandy beaches and other off-road areas.

Beyond looking cool, the main reason to lift a truck is to gain clearance and get the body, frame and differentials higher. Installing bigger tires is how you do that, and the only way to fit them is to lift the truck,” says. “Off-roading is easier with a lifted truck because of its increased approach, breakover and departure angles. The taller tires boost differential clearance, and the lifted suspension keeps all four wheels on the ground for maximum traction.”

A lifted truck will also give you better visibility. Because you’re above other traffic, you’ll be able to see farther down the road. And, you’ll find that towing is easier with a lifted truck.

There are two ways to lift a truck, according to One is to lift the suspension and the other is to lift the body. 

“You can use these two methods independently or together to get the right height,” says. “A body lift increases clearance for larger tires without affecting suspension height or alignment angles. … A suspension lift pushes the wheels down from the frame. Suspension lift kits come in many varieties, like coil-spring bushings, leaf spring shackles or full suspension kits. Suspension lifts require longer shocks and other components to correct driveline and alignment angles, along with brake-line length.”

For information about what’s best for you and your truck, talk with one of the lift kit experts at Trick Trucks of Millsboro. 

Trick Trucks of Millsboro is your aftermarket accessory store located in the same building as In & Out Tire Pros. We are dedicated to providing you excellent customer service and premium products.

With 15 bays equipped with lifts including 2 fully integrated alignment racks, we can accommodate all types of vehicles. We are your lowered and lifted vehicle alignment specialist. Top of the line tire and wheel mounting and balancing machines with road force balancing. Our mounting and balancing machines accommodate up to 30″ wheels and 40″ tires. Our top of the line combination shop of aftermarket specialist and ASE mechanics allows for the smoothest aftermarket installation available. Our installed parts and labor come with a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

We pride ourselves on our upfront and honest quotes, timely installations, and quality products and parts. We are part of Trick Trucks & Cars franchise and the In & Out Tire Pros family, a locally-owned and operated auto service center. You get peace of mind knowing every accessories installation is done by trained technicians.

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