3 Reasons Wheel Alignment is Crucial for Lifted or Lowered Vehicles

3 Reasons Your Custom Lifted or Lowered Vehicle is Better with the Proper Wheel Alignment.

Customizing your vehicle by lifting or lowering it is a awesome way to make your ride stand out and suit your personal style. However, these modifications impact your vehicle’s wheel alignment. It is important that proper wheel alignment is NOT overlooked as part of the customization process. Proper wheel alignment is crucial for vehicle safety, performance, and longevity. And this becomes even more critical when you’ve altered your vehicle’s suspension. The experts at Trick Trucks in Millsboro on Betts Pond Road explore the reasons why wheel alignment is crucial for lifted and lowered vehicles.

  1. Safety First. Safety should always be your top priority when customizing your vehicle. An improper wheel alignment can compromise the vehicle’s stability and handling, which can lead to accidents or loss of control. When you lift or lower your vehicle, it changes the suspension geometry, and without a corresponding adjustment in wheel alignment, your vehicle’s handling can become unpredictable. For lifted vehicles, a poor wheel alignment can result in a higher center of gravity, making the vehicle more prone to rollovers. Conversely, lowered vehicles may experience reduced ground clearance and an increased risk of scraping against obstacles. Proper alignment ensures that your vehicle remains stable and safe, reducing the chances of accidents on the road.
  1. Tire Wear and Longevity. Wheel misalignment can significantly affect your tires. When your wheels are not properly aligned, they will not make consistent contact with the road surface. This inconsistency leads to uneven tire wear, reducing the life of your tires. The cost of constantly replacing tires can add up, making it crucial to maintain proper alignment, especially when you’ve made suspension modifications. In lifted vehicles, wheel alignment issues may cause excessive tire wear on the outer edges of the tires due to negative camber, while lowered vehicles may wear out the inner edges due to positive camber. To maximize your tire’s longevity, alignment adjustments are essential to maintain even tire wear patterns.
  1. Improved Handling and Performance. Lifted and lowered vehicles can experience altered handling characteristics, which might not always align with the manufacturer’s specifications. To achieve optimal handling and performance, it’s vital to adjust the wheel alignment accordingly. Proper wheel alignment for your customized ride can ensure that the tires maintain optimal grip on the road, resulting in improved handling and overall performance. Lifted vehicles can benefit from reduced body roll, while lowered vehicles can achieve better cornering stability. This will not only enhance your driving experience but also boost your vehicle’s capabilities.

Wheel alignment is an important part of vehicle maintenance when you’ve customized your ride by lifting or lowering it. If you’ve made suspension modifications to your vehicle, it’s essential to consult with the qualified mechanics and alignment specialist at Trick Trucks in Millsboro who can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and performs at its best.

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Don’t overlook this crucial aspect of vehicle customization, and enjoy a safe and well-handling ride for years to come.